Health, Safety & Environment

We encourage “ Open Talk” policy within our company, so that every individual can suggest improvements and can have suggestions for realizing health, safety and environment objectives to create a safe working environment with zero accident.

The Ultra National Services company is committed to safety of those like customers, employees, subcontractors who come into contact and may be affected by our services.

Our company procedures, policies and objectives are being ensured at high management level, to make sure the policy requirements are effectively followed up and realized. In this way we would measure our performance and find gaps to make improvement plans from the point where we are now.

While seeking for improvement, sustainable development and incorporate risk management to health, safety and the environment will be main objectives to achieve.

It is important to all individual in our company to take care of HSE and speak up and take care of others. All levels of line management in Ultra National Services give equal importance to HSE.

It is one of our Company missions to deliver services responsibly, successfully and safely.

"Safety First"